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Kent  Region.

Katherine Allen

I began practising Taiji (Tai Chi) in 1987 after a serious horse riding accident which damaged my left arm and shoulder. After two unsuccessful operations and 4 weeks on traction, the prognosis was not looking good.

I had read that Taiji helped with joint mobility and I was fortunate enough to find an excellent teacher, Dan Docherty, Wudang style. As I began my Taiji journey and my interest in Taiji deepened, slowly my arm mobility improved.In 1992 my teacher encouraged me to begin teaching, and so my new career began.

Between 1992 and 1997 I entered various competitions and enjoyed winning a few gold, silver and bronze medals. I have judged at competitions in the UK and abroad, and am always heartened by the enthusiasm I find everywhere for the art of Taiji.

Taiji has taken me to many countries and in 1991 took me to my first visit to China with a small group led by my teacher. There I had the privilege of meeting his teacher Cheng Tin Hung and staying at his home in Guandong province.

In 1996 I started training with GM Pan Qingfu, Canada, who in 2000 taught me Yang 24 Step which he had learned direct from Li Tianji.

Although I enjoy teaching, I am a perpetual student at heart. Taiji has helped to create a healthy, ageless feeling within me and a desire to pass this feeling on to others.

Kat's Book

The Qigong Bible is a beautifully illustrated book by friend and colleague of Qigongtauk - Katherine Allen. Please click to be redirected to Kat's page for more information on this must have book!